“A Church at the Heart of the Community”

Greetings from the Manse, 

We offer you a very warm welcome to our service of worship, it’s always good to see everyone joining in worship, both in church and online. 
May you each know Gods presence.  
Our Notices for this week:
Sunday Worship: Worship is very much open to all, with most of the restrictions on places of Worship being lifted. 
  • Masks are no longer a legal requirement to be worn in Church, however anyone who feels safer continuing to wear a mask should do so. 
  • Social distancing is now a matter of personal preference, please respect individuals’ wishes to maintain social distancing. [Remember: The balcony is usually much quieter than the main sanctuary].  
We will continue to monitor the guidelines and what they may mean for our services or worship, church groups and organisations. 
Services of Worship : 
Sunday 14th August 22    : 10:00am Family Worship – Stuart Blair
(extend the Fellowship with tea & coffee in Pitcairn after service)
Sunday 21th August 22    : 10:00am Family Worship & DJ Club - Rev Louise Purden 
(extend the Fellowship with tea & coffee in Pitcairn after service)
Sunday 28th August 22    : 10:00am Family Worship & DJ Club - Rev Louise Purden 
(extend the Fellowship with tea & coffee in Pitcairn after service
                : 6:30pm – The River  - Pitcairn Centre 
Sunday 4th September 22 : 10:00am Family Worship - Rev Louise Purden 
(extend the Fellowship with tea & coffee in Pitcairn after service
Other Notices: 
Nancy Donaldson : It is with sadness that we announce that Nancy Donaldson passed away on Wednesday 10thAugust in Guthrie House. Nancy’s funeral will take place on Tuesday 23rd August at 1pm in Mortonhall Main Chapel. Please keep Diane, Christine and all the family in your prayers at this time. 
Duty Teams: Duty team & tech rotas are available from display area. There are also updated Fire Drill procedures available in the display area, please take a copy.
Readings: It has been wonderful to have different voices sharing the lesson each Sunday, a new readers list from 7 August is available in the display area; please don’t be shy about putting your name down. 
Teas & Coffees after Worship: Extend your fellowship at the end of worship by joining your friends and church family for a cup of tea or coffee and a blether in the Pitcairn after the service each Sunday. 
Pitcairn Centre: The Pitcairn Café is open Monday to Saturday – 10:00am – 12:00pm. Thursdays we will be open until 2:00pm with filled rolls available. We look forward to welcoming you in for a cuppa and chat.   
Private Prayer Space: Our Private Prayer Space is available each morning in the Donaldson Hall (small hall to rear of church halls), Monday to Saturday between 10:00am and 12:00pm. All are welcome to use this space. 
Prayer Time: Our in church private prayer time on a Wednesday morning restarts this Wednesday 17 August 2022 from 10:00am to 12:00pm
Newsletter:  Articles/information for next newsletter should be sent to officebonnyriggparishchurch@gmail.com by THURSDAY 18th AUGUST at the latest
 Bonnie Buds : Will restart on Thursday 18th August. 
Milk Bottle Tops: the Guild is participating in a scheme to collect plastic milk bottle tops in all colours, which will be sold in aid of palliative care. Containers are available for these in the Church and Pitcairn Centre.  
Bonnyrigg Parish Church Tote Bags for Sale: BPC Tote bags are available for purchase in the display area of the Church and Pitcairn Centre at a cost of £4.50. All proceeds goes to further the work of our Church.
As we continue to connect digitally, the links for Sunday’s Service are below. We pray you know God’s presence as we worship together.  
 OR follow the direct route via: 
The Church Website:  https://www.bonnyriggchurch.co.uk/
Please share all these links with non Internet or Facebook users who may have access to YouTube via their Smart TV. 
I absolutely love when people get in touch and I am very grateful for those who have, please do share your news, your opinions and your suggestions. My email address is LPurden@churchofscotland.org.uk
If you are aware of any members or friends who do not receive this email and would like to receive future ones, please ask them to send their email contact details to Iain Thomson at sessionclerk@bonnyriggchurch.co.uk
Change of Email address: To continue to receive this email every week, can you please add my new email address into your contacts. iain@thomson80.co.uk.
Every Blessing
Iain Thomson

Virtual Prayer Box

Private Prayer Time on Wednesdays, between 10:00am and 12:00pm.  Even if you do not feel ready to return to Sunday Worship you may find comfort in some quiet time within the Church or if you cant make it please use this Virtual Prayer Box for any of your requests for prayer.

This prayer box is secure and will go directly to the minister.

Bonnyrigg Parish Church

Giving & COVID-19

A number of members have asked how they may continue to give to the church at this time.

Some additional advise on this is available on
our Giving Page.



Online Service

Sunday Service 14th August 2022

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